Sep 14

Squid Courtship and Mating

One of the main reasons that we love diving so much is that it gives us the chance to descend right into a natural ecosystem and watch nature up close.  Unlike on land where it can take quite some time to see animals interacting, underwater we are much more able to actually observe animal behaviour as we pass over the reef.

Our dive at Cha Cha Cha beach this Monday was a great example of this. This is actually the house reef of Dive Friends Dive Inn location, where we’re doing our internship, and despite being a fairly rubbly reef that isn’t beautiful in itself, it has an amazing amount of life.  About 10 minutes into our dive, Jeff noticed two squid and pointed them out to me.  We stopped and watched them and were shocked to see them dart around each other in a coordinated way, with amazing changes of colour passing through their bodies, from brown to bright white.  We watched them for over 30 minutes with Jeff filming with the GoPro, as they engaged in elaborate courtship movements and colour changes, mated several times, and the female also dipped her body into a hole in the coral several times to presumably lay eggs.

This is our video of the highlights of squid sex!

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  1. Cindy

    That is such a cool video. It is amazingly clear. Very neat experience.

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