Feb 17

Cross-Canada Drive Day #3 – Winnipeg, MB to Edmonton, AB

Day 3 was Prairies Day!  We visited all three prairie provinces as we headed west, leaving Manitoba, driving right across Saskatchewan, and finally arriving in Alberta.  We stayed the night in Edmonton to do some power shopping to stock up for our return to the north.  Nothing prepares you more for the stress of shopping on a busy back-to-school sale weekend than three exhausting days of driving!


Day 3 - Winnipeg MB, to Edmonton , AB - 1306 km

Day 3 – Winnipeg MB, to Edmonton , AB – 1306 km














As you can see, we were going a bit crazy from being stuck in the car and it was probably a good thing that we were actually getting out into Edmonton to function like real people again!



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  1. Cindy

    Very nice photos. The skies are beautiful! I guess it was pig poop in Saskatchewan or maybe chickens?

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