Aug 17

Our year of travels has officially begun!

Jeff and I are officially on a year off for travelling!!   Technically, we’re also continuing to finish the MEd we started last year (the cause of the embarrassingly poor updating of this blog).  But since it’s all online, we figured we should take advantage of this year to travel.


With a new yard like this, we’ll have to take some time off from schoolwork and diving to relax!

Our first stop is Bonaire, one of the islands that make up the Dutch Antilles.  Bonaire, along with the other Dutch Antilles, Aruba and Curacao, are known as the ”ABC” islands.  Bonaire is the smallest of the islands and we’ve already picked up on its laid back atmosphere in the few days we’ve been here.  It’s very different than other Caribbean islands, dry and covered in desert vegetation with wild donkeys and goats roaming freely.


We’re spending the next three months of the year off here to do a PADI divemaster internship, hopefully getting in time for some fun dives and other activities too!

We have yet to plan the next 9 months after Bonaire, but anywhere is in the cards as long as there is Internet, some good dive sites, and no snow – that’s a must for the year off!

Jeff has also started a new blog (www.diveblog.ca) for us that will focus just on our diving.  This blog will be more general and that blog will focus on diving.  Probably for the best since not everyone lives and breathes for our diving stories quite as much as we do.

More to come soon!


  1. John

    You two are off to a great start with the completion of your Dive Rescue course. From what Jeff said on the dive blog, you are quite the fast recuer! Enjoy all of the time time diving!

  2. Cindy

    What a wonderful opportunity. You have certainly found matches in each other.

  3. Cindy

    So do those goats just wander around and have no fences to keep them in order?

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