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Sep 14

Squid Courtship and Mating

One of the main reasons that we love diving so much is that it gives us the chance to descend right into a natural ecosystem and watch nature up close.  Unlike on land where it can take quite some time to see animals interacting, underwater we are much more able to actually observe animal behaviour …

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Aug 30

Sea Turtle Rescue in Bonaire

Jeff and I were very lucky to get to go on a trip to Klein Bonaire with Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (  Staff and volunteers go to this tiny protected island near Bonaire every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to monitor nests. We didn’t get our hopes up for seeing any turtles because some days there …

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Aug 17

Our year of travels has officially begun!


Jeff and I are officially on a year off for travelling!!   Technically, we’re also continuing to finish the MEd we started last year (the cause of the embarrassingly poor updating of this blog).  But since it’s all online, we figured we should take advantage of this year to travel. Our first stop is Bonaire, …

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Jan 09

Pros and Cons of a Destination Wedding

I just got back from my wedding at a resort in the Dominican Republic, an event that I’ll use as an excuse for my unfortunate neglect of this blog. Looking back on the experience, I’ve come up with some advantages and disadvantages of getting married on a resort. Pros – Super easy and relaxing This …

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